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To-Die-For Kurta Necklines
By Teja Kumar

To-Die-For Kurta Necklines

Kurtas have been a raging favourite among Indian women for decades. And why not? Their figure-flattering cuts appeal to the conservative traditionalists and style-conscious fashionistas in equal measure.

When we speak of fashion it is usually in the context of cuts, fits and fall of the fabric. However, rarely do we hear people discussing the beautiful necklines. Therefore, in order to do away with this bias we decided to take it upon ourselves and give you a brief guide to six of the most popular kurta necklines.

Shirt collar

Where there is a Patiala salwar, there is a shirt-collared kurta. Made popular by Rani Mukherji’s look in Bunty aur Babli, these collars have established themselves as a symbol of Punjabi boisterousness.

Pair them with a Patiala salwar and go balle balle!

Sweet-heart neck

This neckline was a common sight before kurta necklines became experimental. It was also a huge hit with the neighbourhood darzis in the good ol’ nineties.

Mostly seen on relaxed straight cut and A-line kurtas, these are best paired with salwars.

Geometrical (round, V and square)

These are the most salwar-friendly necklines. Even though it is impossible to go wrong with these neck styles, not all are equally favoured. For instance, round necklines are most common in relaxed fit kurtas, whereas V-neck and squares are most common in A-line and straight cuts.


Split necklines are ordinary necklines split into a “V” or “U” for easy wear or style. This neck is most common in relaxed fit cotton and khadi kurtas.

Boat neck

One word – glamorous. Sleeveless, three-fourths or full sleeves, boat necks are perfect for your glamorous alter ego. Common in straight cuts, pair these with churidars or leggings.

Halter neck

If boat neck is glamorous then halter necks are glamour themselves. Mostly seen with churidars, halter necklines are the missing piece in your drop-dead charm.

Now, we would really love to know your thoughts on your favourites. Also, tell why you love them.

Happy fashions!

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